Naughty and Nice Program

The Naughty and Nice Program

Santa explaining the coinsMany children love to push their parents buttons, and while they are not bad, per se, they do have their moments. Well, we at Santa Claus Unplugged have a way to help you combat this problem.

Almost every parent has utilized the old “Santa is watching” line on their kids, and while that works nicely around November and December, how effective can you hope it will be in January and February?

But yet Santa can always be an effective deterrent to misbehaving if used properly. Every year I meet with thousands and thousands of children. I have found a way to empower parents during the season, and I believe it is just as effective the rest of the year.

In fact, I have had many parents, including my own Pastor, tell me how wonderful and effective this is all year long.

And of course the simpler a program is, the more effective it can be. And this doesn’t get much simpler. Alright, are you ready? Here it is:

Santa’s Naughty and Nice Coin & Letter -Watch YouTube Video Here About the Program

I have coins that are stamped Naughty on one side and Nice on the other. They come in three different colors, red, green and gold. In any one family I make sure each child receives a different color (if you have 4 or more you can put an initial on each coin to signify which child has which coin, and hopefully you haven’t named all your kids George).

Now in addition to receiving the coins, you will also get a letter from me to your children as to the purpose of these coins. In the letter I will state that the coins are to be left out and if a child is acting particularly badly, Mom and Dad will turn the coin to the “Naughty” side and the elves will make an appropriate entry. But if the “Nice” side is up, then the elves will put a star next to the child’s name for that day.

On Christmas Eve when I arrive with my presents, if there are a lot more stars than minuses then I will leave a very special gift under the tree for them. But if there are more Naughty marks, then I will be returning one or more of their gifts to give to someone who is better behaved.

The nice thing about this program is it can be utilized all year long, it is very effective and very inexpensive. You won’t even have to raise your voice – just begin making your way to the coin and see how well this will work.

I will send you the letter and up to three coins* for $4.95 including postage (tax will be charged in Tennessee). And the letter will be personalized to your children (one letter per family, please). You will provide me the certain information via eemail and I will make certain that information is included in the letter.  Click here to purchase!


So don’t wait until the stores begin pulling out the life-sized cutouts of me to help keep your children in tow. Order the Naughty/Nice coins today and we will help keep your kids well behaved for the next year and beyond.

*Additional coins may be purchased for $0.99 each.

Deluxe Naughty or Nice Program - Watch YouTube Video About the Deluxe Program

Children do not view a calendar the way adults do. Every year because I keep my full beard and long hair all year long (and yes, both are naturally white), children will run up to me any time of the year and begin telling me what they want or asking me questions about the reindeer. Whether April or August, it doesn’t matter, they are excited to see me at any time.

I’ll bet your children would be the same. So my lovely wife, Mary, came up with a very cool idea for parents. In addition to the Naughty/Nice program above, what if we included three Skype phone calls to Santa that your children (with your help) could make to me at prescheduled times or days?

For $12.95 we will include three opportunities to have your kids call and talk to Santa Claus over Skype. Downloading and using Skype is free for all Skype-to-Skype users and if you have a web camera for your computer, the kids will be able to see, as well as talk, with me.

There is no time restriction (reasonableness and number of kids will be the yardstick) and the kids may ask anything of Santa that has to do with North Pole or me. Parents may also use this as a further deterrent to poor behavior (as in “Do we have to call and talk with Santa about your actions?”). It is entirely up to you and your desires, as to how you wish utilize this (reward vs. punishment).

All information received about your children, family, etc. will be held in strictest confidence. The information used on the email will be the only information that will be discussed along with any information you provide us before the call.

Sign up today and show your kids that not only do you know Santa, but you can call him when you wish.  Click here to purchase!


Additional calls can be purchased for $5.00 per call up to ten additional calls per year. Just check the appropriate boxes on your order form.

This year, let Santa visit with your kids for more than just for a moment at the mall.