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Christmas is all about two things: tradition and magic. Many families begin time honored traditions from the way they decorate their Christmas tree to reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. Santa is all about traditions and has been for thousands of generations and years.


And this year you can bring a new tradition and some genuine magic to your home, company or neighborhood. This Santa and Mrs. Claus knows how to create a magical time that no one will ever forget. It might just become a tradition for you.

santa and mrs c

Santa and Mrs. Claus know everything about the North Pole, the reindeer, the elves and how it all works: the stories, the legends, all of it. They read stories, sing songs, answer questions and will bring in a huge bag of toys* to pass around to the children.


Santa has even written three books about the North Pole and the goings-on under his pseudonym, Joe Moore, which are selling internationally. Faith, Hope & Reindeer, the second in the trilogy is being made into a movie even as you read this. Many families have already begun the tradition of reading these in the days leading up to Christmas to enhance their holiday spirit.


Santa and Mrs. Claus have appeared on TV on Disney Surfers, Nickelodeon, and in a made for TV special with the late Charlie Jones, in commercials, in numerous parades, and in a plethora of interviews on many TV affiliates across the country.


And you can have them come to your company party or invite them into your home. Come, make this the year that you create memories for a lifetime. Drop us an email and tell us when you would like to create memories for a lifetime.


*Santa will bring his giant bag, but it is up to the hosts to provide the presents or gifts.